Monday, June 21, 2010

Last Week, Last Baptism and Last Email - Maybe!!

Well, we just got back from Lima and it was awesome!!! It was a well planned p-day and I’m pretty proud of it. We went to a museum and went to the City Center and went and bought some stuff. Well I bought a lot of stuff. I bought everything for you guys and stuff, beanies, alpaca fur, alpaca ties for the guys, coasters, Peruvian clothes for Karra and couple things for Mimi and Pop. I’m going to leave everything here and just take souvenirs.

We also had Margarit’s baptism, it was good. The Stake President came to help us out because he is form our ward, it was great. Now we have other people that are going to get baptized, we have a woman and her two kids and we still have to take to the husband and other son which will be a family of five. I won’t be here but the work goes on.

This week we have the farewell for the missionaries and President Perez and Sister Perez. It will be a nice going away party for us. Missionaries that have served in his time are going to come from all over Peru and maybe other countries so we will see how it goes.

It sounds like you guys are way busy which I’m glad, you wont be so trunky!! I feel good because I can honestly say that I have served a good mission, and that you guys are more trunky than me ha-ha.

I might write you guys next week, if not no big deal I will just see you two days after. I might call you in the airport to let you know if the flight is delayed or anything. Yes I know I’m going to get home really tired so in the airport everyone can be there that’s fine but after when we go home I would like to be with just you guys and mimi and pop in the house before I get released.

Thursday I would like to go buy cloths and see a modern mall and I would love love to see a couple of movies, I want to see three, transformers 2, batman, and 2012, as for food I just want one gallon of milk with cinnamon toast crunch.

Well I love you guys, thank you so much for the support, I will see you next week!!!!!!! love elder ridge

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christy.collier said...

This letter is so funny! hearing all the requests cracked me up! Im so excited for you and the family to have him back home!